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Advantages and characteristics of anti grass woven fabrics

PE woven cloth is a specializes in the use of in vegetable greenhouse insulation is to make products of special material, has the advantages of good insulation performance, good waterproof effect, the anti-aging ability is strong, light material, green no pollution characteristics, the use of longer life.
Vegetable greenhouse insulation special PE woven cloth
1, good thermal insulation properties. Compared with other insulation materials, can improve the greenhouse temperature 2-6 degrees, so that the plants early 10-15 days.
2, good waterproof effect. Excellent hydrophobicity avoids insulation material caused by water rot, and avoid the insulation layer ice break, and to facilitate the snow in winter.
3, strong anti ageing capacity. In the production process with the UV anti-aging agent, the products in the low temperature -50 degrees from cracking and hardening, greatly prolong the service life of.
4, light material. Easy to transport the laying of mechanized operation, convenient construction.
5, green environmental protection, no pollution. When planting mushroom crops, insulation is not cause infection of fungus crops, Recyclable recycling products.
Specifications: 2.3 meters -4.3 meters
Color: blue, gray, green, red, yellow, black and white (can be customized according to requirements of various colors).
Production process: Korean technology, water loom manufacturing, advanced technology;
Technical advantages: high flatness, better softness, stronger brightness.
Square gram weight: 30 grams -180 grams
Age: 10-15 years
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