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Shandong Weifang Huiyuan plastic woven cloth, anti grass cloth, tarpaulin for the main products, large-scale production enterprises, is currently in the PE material insulation is special woven cloth production and sales of key enterprises. I produced a total of more than ten series of plastic. With full automation international standards of first-class PE woven cloth and anti grass cloth production line, is currently the largest and one of the anti woven grass cloth products manufacturers.
I bring all employees with the highest quality products, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to come to visit, investigate and negotiate business. We for many years always implement the "integrity, quality, small profits, innovation" character of the overall policy, mainly to undertake greenhouse vegetable insulation material production, solid waste treatment station, landfill, artificial lake, reservoir dam, tailings storage yard, petrochemical oil, subway tunnel, sewage treatment pool, aquatic breeding fish Tang, biogas pool, building floor, reservoir, landscaping, and other various large anti-seepage engineering. We have strong technical force, rich production experience, perfect testing equipment and excellent service to for the user to provide advanced, high-quality, efficient, green environmental protection products, series of products have been sold to all over the country, and strive to in the shortest time in the international market, our is used wisdom and sweat for the gradual growth for the international first-class waterproof, moisture-proof, seepage control and anti-corrosion materials manufacturer and integration solutions provider and forge ahead!
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