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It is a wise choice to use high quality and anti - straw woven cloth in agricultural production.

Name plates on the actual meaning of grass cloth is a kind of to prevent weed growth woven cloth to prevent rough disrupt agricultural production activities, thus affecting crop growth and development. Therefore, the anti grass cloth play an important role in the quality of the grass cloth to meet what requirements? What is the role of production activities?
With good technical support at seedling stage, the soil layer can be used for seedling ditch mud, and the soil layer can be used for drying and crushing. Then sowing and raising seedlings in soil. Family good seedling axotomy to a certain size, and can be used with inserting machine, after the carrier of parting, and anti grass cloth plays the role of a virtuous cycle.
Compared with other methods, using high-quality anti grass cloth round block development of seedlings, in the growth process of seedling root operations will not be hindered, it can penetrate into the lower layers of the soil absorbs moisture and fertilizer, so as to establish a good seedling quality and excellent vaccine. Nursery process management is also very convenient. The method uses a special cutting seedling appliances cut out a piece of, between them the main specifications of accuracy and bearing plate Yu Miao Miao and therefore does not support seedling transplanting method has good application prospect.
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