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The use of woven cloth material PE practitioners in recent years

At the end of the eleventh five year period, above scale of woven fabric enterprise employees for 327931, full Supian industry about practitioners is 430000 people, but until the production material since PE products, corresponding practitioners increased. At the end of 12th Five-Year, go to the stool industry about 500000 employees, most likely to reach 600000 people. Practitioners increased by about four percent years, up to a maximum annual increase of about six percent.
During the 12th Five Year Plan, annual output in pass is about 20 percent increases, especially on PE woven cloth products available since, makes the market activity increased, practitioners also greatly rise, of course, which in addition to the product itself and the last aerial active degree is very large. However, due to the continuous development and improvement of science and technology in the late period, the shortage of labor resources is bound to limit the rise in the number of employees in some products.
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