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Do you know what other special uses of PE woven fabrics are in addition to thermal insulation?

PE woven cloth, a bolt from the blue like products, dazzling appearance, to the greenhouse insulation is undoubtedly brought gospel. The emergence of this PE woven fabric products, brought the gospel to the vast number of farmers friends, brought a good helper to solve the problem. So, in addition, do you know the strange uses of PE woven cloth? See below.

1, higher economic crops such as ginseng planting fig, shade net, flower planting, breeding and so on, the ordinary net is unable to meet the shading effect, and PE woven cloth because of its high density, and very suitable for.

2, than the anti grass cloth that is also excellent effect, PE woven cloth, no doubt, in the anti grass, because PE fabrics more excellent, sunscreen, anti-aging ability is better, the grass bring more convenient to use the effect to prevent gardening.

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